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Nilo & Demetrius

Brothers in Classical Greece

Amid the glory of Greece’s classical age, little Nilo’s challenges seem vast. While struggling with academics, athletics, and love, he receives unconditional support from his devoted parents. But unfortunately, even that is not enough to keep him at home. After leaving everything he knows at the tender age of twelve, he begins living on the streets at the mercy of others.

Nilo’s vastly different brother, Demetrius, excels in school, but lacks athletic prowess. After entering the military at age eighteen, he lags far behind his peers in stamina and physical strength. It is a competitive world where life is difficult for Demetrius, until a new boyfriend intervenes and saves the day. The brothers somehow manage to persevere as their lives intertwine with challenges and opportunities as well as human and absolute love during a time when sexuality has few boundaries. As both experience the best and worst that society offers, now only time will tell if they will become like other Greeks and achieve unsurpassed accomplishments.

Nilo & Demetrius shares the tale of two disparate brothers as they face challenges, failures, and the emotional ups and downs of life in classical Greece.