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Bruce Stores

Bruce Stores did not begin serious writing until after retiring. His first book came out at age sixty-six.

He believed he was unfairly ex-communicated from his Church due to its lack of understanding of sexual orientation issues. This led to his writing, Christian Science: Its Encounter With Lesbian/Gay America (iUniverse 2004, 248 pages). It wasn’t until five years later that his second book was published.

A long interest in Mexico’s unique history and a special interest in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec led to the publication of The Isthmus: Stories From Mexico’s Past, 1495-1995 (iUniverse 2009, 360 pages).

Nilo and Demetrius is his third book.

Bruce Stores was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala working in community development programs near Quetzaltenango in the early 1960’s. Later he was a community development officer involved with refugee resettlement in Vietnam at the height of that war with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). His third venture overseas was to serve as Recreation Coordinator for American employees and their families with Bell Helicopter/Textron in pre-revolution Iran. He also served the YMCA as Youth Director in Vineland, NJ and Branch Director in Midland, TX. He later worked with self-help housing projects near Seattle, WA and was a contributing reporter for many years with Seattle Gay News. After relocating to Mexico in 1995, he was an English teacher for six years. He has lived in the Mexican City of Oaxaca since 2007.

He is a graduate of Springfield College, Springfield, MA with B.S and M.Ed. degrees in humanities.

He was married in 1967 and divorced in 1980. He has one son and two grandchildren.